Exciting flavors and attractive colors of cuisine are one of the charms of human life, which have many variations in each country and can be different based on the type of culture, climate and weather. Georgia is also a Eurasian country that is considered the meeting point of East and West, and for this reason, Georgian cuisine has been influenced by the Mediterranean, Arab, Mongolian, Iranian, Ottoman and Indian worlds. Georgian cuisine suits both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean tastes. In fact, the cuisine of this country has been influenced by various governments and cultures, and since it has seen many wars as one of the first Christian communities, Georgian cuisine has also become very diverse. For example, at the time of peace, the merchants who crossed the Silk Road imported many spices, and the people of Georgia created new dishes using these spices and their creativity.

Getting to know the best and most famous Georgian cuisine

The climate of Georgia and the conditions of this country throughout history have affected its cuisine culture, and for this reason, it has a variety of foods. In this section, we are going to introduce the most famous and of course the most delicious dishes of Georgia, which have many fans among tourists and travelers of this country as well as Georgian people.

Georgian Khinkali

Khinkali is one of the most popular types of Georgian cuisine, which is a type of dumpling. This dumpling is filled with different ingredients that are different in each region. For example, people in mountainous areas use lamb meat to make Khinkali, while in other regions, they prefer chopped beef. Other ingredients used to prepare Khinkali include special Georgian spices, chopped vegetables, cheese and mushrooms. The way to serve this food is by hand and you don’t need a spoon to eat it.


If you live in Georgia or are planning to travel to this fascinating country, you must try Khachapuri. The classic Georgian cheese bread has a wonderful taste and is cooked in a different style and way in every region of Georgia. Some like its crust thin and others like it thick; in fact, this food is available in different shapes such as round, 3 ears or 4 ears. To make Khachapuri, bread dough is kneaded and then baked until puffed. The middle of the dough is opened and cheese is poured into it, which is mostly fresh or aged Solgani type. Also, in some regions of Georgia, such as the coastal region of the Black Sea, Khachapuri dough is made in the shape of a boat and an egg is put inside it.


Mtsvdi can be considered one of the main cuisine of Georgian banquets, which is actually a skewer of lamb or veal meat. The choice of the type of meat is different based on different seasons and different regions of the country, but the cooking method is almost the same everywhere. After the meats are completely grilled, they are removed from the skewers and mixed with ingredients such as onions and pomegranate paste. This cuisine is also served with bread and wine.


Among other famous Georgian cuisine that are very suitable for vegetarians. In this cuisine, vegetables such as eggplant, pepper, tomato, garlic, cabbage, coriander and suitable spices are used, and it has a very exciting taste and appearance. To try this traditional cuisine, the summer will be the best time, but in other seasons of the year, you can easily find this cuisine in all restaurants.


Kharcho is a kind of pureed soup which is considered one of the tastiest cuisine in Georgia, and ingredients such as garlic, khemli Sonli (which is a combination of 5 Georgian spices), coriander, chicken or beef and other seasonings are used in its cooking. To prepare this cuisine, the meat is first seasoned and then placed in a special sauce containing walnuts. Finally, they cook it together with a few pieces of Tklapi and wait for a few hours until the Kharcho is completely immersed in the sauce. This cuisine is served with a special bread called Shotti.


Lobio is actually the kind of bean food that is very popular. To cook this cuisine, ingredients such as fried onions, coriander, vinegar, dried marigolds and fresh pepper are used, which make the taste and aroma of Lobio unique. Lobio is served with corn bread and can be eaten both hot and cold.


A type of Georgian stew that is very easy to cook, contrary to its difficult name. This delicious cuisine is a combination of beef soup, chicken stew and fresh vegetables such as tarragon. This cuisine is generally served with bread and is very delicious.


Badrijani, which is also known as Nigoziani Badrijani, is one of the delicious Georgian cuisine. To cook it, several eggplants are filled with spiced walnut powder and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.


This cuisine is a popular stew in Georgia that is made from lamb or veal meat with green tomato sauce, onion, tarragon, green pepper, garlic and a combination of fresh herbs such as parsley, mint, dill and coriander along with salt and special spices. Due to the use of green tomatoes in cooking this dish, it is cooked more in spring and summer.

Georgian street food

Many of the foods mentioned in the previous section are among the street foods of Georgia, the most famous of which are Khinkali, Chakapoli, Chakhkhbili, Khachapuri and Lobiano. Lobiano is a type of street food that is filled with beans and served hot. Nadogi is another popular Georgian street food, which is a small sandwich served with dairy products. Junjoli also has a special place in Georgian street cafes, and its taste is similar to salty olives and it is not a very expensive cuisine.

How to prepare Georgian cuisine

The good thing about Georgian cuisine is that it is not difficult to make them, but you have to know how to cook them. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, Georgians use various spices in their country to cook their different cuisine. In fact, it can be said that the presence of these seasonings gives a special taste and aroma to Georgian dishes and makes them popular.

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