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Georgian citizenship

Georgian citizenship

Georgian citizenship

One of the issues that people looking to immigrate to Georgia consider is obtaining citizenship of this country. In this text, we briefly review the ways to obtain Georgia citizenship and the necessary conditions for it. If you are looking for more information, you can contact the experts and lawyers of SisnoGroup. In the following, we briefly describe the methods of obtaining Georgia citizenship.

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Methods of obtaining Georgia citizenship

✔️ The first method

In the first method of obtaining Georgia citizenship, minors who have one of their parents with Georgia citizenship can obtain Georgia citizenship. For this purpose, they must prepare and submit the following documents: 1. Certificate of confirmation of Georgia citizenship of one of the parents_ 2. Copy of birth certificate from the country of birth (it can be Georgia or any other country)

✔️ The second method

This method includes 2 parts:

1. People who have at least one of their parents or grandparents born in Georgia can submit their application for Georgia citizenship by presenting a birth certificate and a copy of the birth certificate of their parents or grandparents and proof of kinship.

2. People who have lived in Georgia for at least 10 years and have lived in this country since childhood can apply for Georgia citizenship by presenting the required documents including birth certificate, valid residency certificate, educational and work documents and other documents.

Georgian citizenship

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✔️ The third method

In this way, a minor adopted by a Georgian citizen can receive Georgia citizenship. The necessary documents to obtain Georgia citizenship are: 1. a document confirming the Georgia citizenship of one of the parents_2. a document confirming the adoption of the applicant's child_ and 3. a copy of the birth certificate from the country of birth.

✔️ The fourth method

In the fourth method, a person who is married to a Georgian citizen and has lived legally and continuously in this country for a maximum of 5 years before submitting the application for granting Georgia citizenship can obtain Georgia citizenship by this method; provided that he has sufficient command of the Georgian language and knowledge of the history and basic principles of Georgian law. The citizenship commission will review and evaluate the applicant's level of knowledge in these fields. The necessary documents include a marriage certificate with a Georgian citizen, proof of continuous residency in the country, and copies of educational and training certificates in the aforementioned fields.

Georgian citizenship

✔️ The fifth method

To a person who has legally and continuously lived in this country for 10 years before applying for Georgia citizenship, owns real estate and property in Georgia, has a job or has performed entrepreneurial activities in Georgia, or has shares in a Georgian company and also, if he has mastered the Georgian language, the history of Georgia, and the basic principles of the Georgian law, he will be granted Georgia citizenship. In this method, the compliance of the applicant's level of knowledge with the prescribed level of mastery of the Georgian language, the history of Georgia and the basic principles of the Georgian law is reviewed and evaluated by the citizenship commission, and the opinion of the Immigration Office and the relevant commissions is effective in granting Georgia citizenship.

✔️ The sixth method

According to Article 17 of the Organic Law of Georgia on Citizenship, the President of Georgia is authorized to grant Georgia citizenship to a foreign citizen as an exception, considering the merits or interests of the country. In this method, the people who usually have these conditions are: 1. People who have invested in Georgia or have benefited from their investments in this country and have played a significant role in the country's economic development_ 2. People who have achieved success in the fields of sports, science or art and they want to continue their work in the name of Georgia.

Remember that the process of applying for Georgia citizenship is very complicated and long, and for the relevant cases, a lot of research is done by the departments. Due to the healthy administrative system of this country, there is no illegal process in obtaining citizenship, and the claims that profiteers may make to cheat in this regard are just plain lies. To obtain Georgia citizenship, our colleagues are ready to provide you with free consultation. We hope this article was useful and helped you.

Georgian citizenship

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Frequently asked questions about Georgian citizenship

1If a child is born in Georgia whose parents are foreigners, can he or she receive Georgian citizenship?

No, it is not possible to obtain Georgian citizenship for the children of foreign nationals who are born in Georgia, and it is possible to obtain Georgian citizenship only if one of the parents is a Georgian citizen.

2Does the counting of five years of residence to receive Georgian citizenship begin immediately after the declaration of asylum to the relevant organizations in Georgia?

No, it is not five years from the time of filing the application and it is calculated from the time when the asylum request was accepted by the country of Georgia.

3 Are people over 18 years old also granted Georgian citizenship if they are adopted by a Georgian citizen?

No, this issue of obtaining Georgian citizenship through adoption is only for children under 18 years of age.

4 If the president approves, is there a need to master the language, history and constitution of Georgia?

No, in this method, there is no need to master any of these abilities, because in this case, the president's diagnosis was based on the fact that a person is useful and necessary for the country of Georgia in the current situation.

5Does the country of Georgia grant Georgian citizenship if a certain amount is invested in this country?

No, there is no law to grant Georgian citizenship directly by investment.


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