Georgia is an Eurasian country located in the Caucasus region, which is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations among tourists. On the other hand, in recent years, this country has faced significant economic growth, and for this reason, many people have applied for residence in Georgia and live in this country. One of the things that is important for people when traveling or living in any country is its transportation system. Therefore, in this section, we want to do a comprehensive and complete review of the state of the public transportation system in Georgia and calculate its costs.

Guide to public transportation in Georgia

One of the most important issues in the tourism industry is the state of public transportation in the country, in which Georgia has performed well. As mentioned earlier, Georgia is located in the Eurasian region, but in terms of transportation system, compared to many European countries, it is quite economical. In fact, by using the transportation system implemented in this country, you can easily go to all the places you need, including shopping centers, Georgian restaurants, attractions, etc.

Bus in Georgia

In Georgia, the buses are blue and yellow and the corresponding route number is written on the front of them. In some Georgian bus stations, automatic pages have been installed so that passengers can easily search for services before the trip, during the trip, and after reaching the destination. It is interesting to know that the Georgian government cares more about the state of its bus system than the subway system; therefore, you can access different parts of Georgian cities by using the bus. To buy a bus ticket, you can use the metro card, which is the most reliable method. In fact, using this card, in addition to the bus, you can also ride the subway, but if you do not have this card for any reason, you can buy a ticket through the device on the bus. You need to know that the cost of a 90-minute bus trip in Georgia is 1 GEL

Subway in Georgia

Subway is one of the other safe transportation systems that currently exist in most countries. In Georgia, it is also possible to move around the cities through the subway. The subway system in this country is generally equipped with 2 lines and the names of the stations are displayed in 2 languages, Georgian and English; therefore, knowing English, you can easily use the subway. You can also use the 2- language map. The subway of Tbilisi has provided access to all tourist spots in Georgia for travelers who want to travel economically. The distance between city trains is only 5 minutes and its speed is acceptable. Tbilisi subway has 2 red and green lines and the red line includes 16 different stations and starts from Akhmatli station and ends at Varaktli station. The green line also has 6 stations, but its route is not suitable for tourists. The working hours of the Georgian subway start from 7 am and continue until midnight. In order to use the metro transportation system in Georgia, you must have a Metromoney card, which can be purchased for 2 GEL and 1 GEL will be deducted from the charge of this card for each trip.

Taxi in Georgia

Another way to get around in Georgian cities is to use a taxi. In general, the taxi fare in Georgia for intra-city trips is 3 to 6 GEL, but some taxis in this country have a taxi meter and you must agree on the price with the taxi driver before getting on board.

Minibus or Marshutka in Georgia

Among the means of public transportation in Georgia, we can mention minibuses, which are widely used in big cities such as Tbilisi. These minibuses are also called Marshutka, which are parked on the side of the street and pick up passengers. It is possible to pay for a minibus in Georgia using a Metromoney card, but if you don’t have this card, you can pay in cash. The fare of the route is 1 GEL.

Cable car in Georgia

It may seem a bit strange, but it is good to know that the cable cars in Georgia are very similar to our own cable cars. The cost of using cable cars in Georgia is equal to 2.5 GEL, which can be paid only by using Metromoney card. This transportation system is located in Tbilisi and is very attractive for tourists because it provides access to all parts of the city and tourist attractions of Tbilisi.

Tip: The noteworthy point here is that by buying a subway, bus or routeka ticket, you can use all these public transportations for free for one hour. This means that if you get off the subway, you will be free to use public transportation for one hour and you will not need to buy a ticket again.

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