Complete Guide of Living in Tbilisi

Georgia has been a popular talking point for many immigrants as well as investors because of its rich culture and stable economy. Georgia is located in between the continent of Asia and Europe, making it an Eurasian country. The capital of this country is called Tbilisi, which accommodates most of this country’s population. One of the main reasons why living in Tbilisi, Georgia is very sought after is its affordable living expenses. Stay with us to learn more about different aspects of living in Tbilisi.

Complete Guide of Living in Tbilisi

Living in Tbilisi Georgia

As mentioned, Tbilisi is the capitol of this country and most of Georgia’s population is concentrated in this city, Which makes it a great investment opportunity as well as a great living experience. Tbilisi’s most popular districts are located on the western parts of the city, with Saburtalo being on the west side of Tbilisi and Vake being on the west-south side of the city. To learn more about different locations in Tbilisi you can take a look at our article about the best neighborhoods in Georgia. with Saburtalo and Vake being the most popular districts in the city, it should be expected that the real estate market in these area are very competitive, so knowing the correct information about living in Tbilisi, Georgia can be crucial for your future plans. If you are looking to purchase any types of properties the we recommend taking a look at our article about most expensive and most affordable neighborhoods to purchase an apartment in Georgia.

living in Tbilisi as an expat

Many foreigners visit different countries for work reasons as an expat, who is an expat?, an expat is a person who is living or working in a country other than their country of citizenship. Usually these visits are temporary but many times they can also be long term, because of affordable living costs in this country, this type of travel is common amongst the global workforce. Being able to work in this city brings many conveniences for your day-to-day life, such as the accessibility of public transport especially in popular districts or the center of Tbilisi. Another great benefit which Tbilisi has for expats is its great weather conditions all year round.

Complete Guide of Living in Tbilisi

Tbilisi’s weather

Tbilisi is an Eurasian country and shares boarders with Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey. According to Ruderal, Georgia is a mountainous country and Tbilisi is no exception, Mtatsminda is an area within Tbilisi’s region which has the tallest mountains and hills in the city and because of these mountains and hills which approach Tbilisi from three sides, makes the city’s weather much more stable than other cities. During summer usually the center of the city is cooler, as well as, warmer weathers being common for winters. however, Tbilisi is on the colder side of the spectrum when it comes to temperatures, according to AccuWeather, Tbilisi had an average temperature of 16-20 degrees Celsius from may to June. During winter the average daily weather is 5 degrees with some nights reaching subzero temperatures. So when looking to start living in Georgia, Tbilisi, make sure to be prepared accordingly to the weather conditions in this city.

Study in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a favorite choice for many student who are looking to start their academic journey in Georgia as well as students who are transferring to their desirable academic institution. Tbilisi offers many services which are a great benefit for students all around the city, such as, Great public transportation options, from metro lines to bus lanes and rental scooters all over the city. Some of the biggest universities are located in Saburtalo and Vake, such as, Tbilisi State University, Medical State University, Georgian Technical University, University of Georgia and San Diego State University. The convenient location of these universities plus the accessibility of public transportation in Tbilisi makes it a great option to consider when it comes to studying in Tbilisi.

Another reason why many people choose this place for education is the cost of living in Tbilisi. According to research data, the average living expenses for a student in Tbilisi is around $1100 counting the tuition fee of the university plus a studio apartment rent and other living expenses. For a couple who are looking to start living in Tbilisi, Georgia, the total living expense, considering one of them to attend university is around $1650 which covers the tuition fee plus rent for a single room apartment and living expenses. If you are looking to move in with your family for studying, the average cost is around $2100  which can cover a two bedroom apartment’s rent, tuition fee, child expenses and other mandatory expenses.

Complete Guide of Living in Tbilisi


Thanks to Georgia’s fast development and stable economy, many people all around the world are looking to start living in Tbilisi, Georgia. Tbilisi is a great option to consider for investors as well as others who are looking to start working/studying here. This city’s weather is also a great addition to its peaceful living experience and since many big academic institutions are located in this city plus the cheap living costs, it makes Tbilisi a very good option to students globally.

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