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Georgia Currency

Georgia Currency

Georgia Currency

On April 5, 1993, the Georgian currency changed from the Russian ruble to the lari coupon. On October 2, 1995, the currency of Georgia was changed again from coupon lari to Georgian lari. This currency is still known and used as the currency of Georgia. Tetri is one of the subcategories of Lari, which makes up one Lari for every 100 Tetris. The official international symbol of this currency is ₾, but in Georgia, in Georgian language, this symbol is displayed as ლ and in English as GEL. The currency of Georgia is produced and used as follows:

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Note: 1 Tetri and 2 Tetri coins are not used much in reality.

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Frequently asked questions about the currency of Georgia

1What is the currency of Georgia?


2What is the symbol of the Georgian currency?

The official global symbol of this currency is (₾), but at the level of the country of Georgia, this symbol is displayed in the Georgian language as (მ) and in the English language as (GEL).


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