accounting in georgia

accounting in Georgia

Accounting in georgia

Tax management, or in other words, tax accounting, is very important in Georgia, because cash and non-cash business transactions are registered online in the Tax Administration system, and tax calculations and payments are made monthly. Therefore, accounting in Georgia is very important in order to manage tax affairs in all businesses, which we will examine more closely.

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accounting in georgia

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Status of accounting in Georgia

Despite the fact that having an accountant in Georgia is not mandatory for companies, it seems that all businesses need an accountant to do things such as sorting the salary list and personnel taxes, sorting the value added taxes, managing the company's inputs and expenses in the Tax Administration system. In fact, it seems almost impossible to do these things in any company without an accountant.

Status of accounting in Georgia
Company accounting in Georgia

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Migration of the accountant to Georgia

If you are planning to immigrate to Georgia as an accountant, it is good to know that you will be able to work full-time in any company. You can also undertake tax accounting in addition to current accounting, but most companies in Georgia use part-time tax accountants who, depending on the company's workload, will need to be present at the company several times a week or sometimes once a month, and arranging the accounts in the Tax Administration system is the responsibility of the tax accountant.

Migration of the accountant to Georgia

Accounting salaries in Georgia are determined based on various criteria, including the workload of the company, the amount of time a person needs to be present in the company, his work history, his reputation, and his ability to do things, but normally, an accountant in Georgia earns from 500 GEL per month at the beginning of work to more than 2,000 GEL.

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accounting in georgia

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Frequently asked questions about accounting in Georgia

1Is it necessary to have an accountant in Georgia for the company?

No, it is not mandatory, but the presence of an accountant is very important for a company that intends to operate in order to manage the tax system.

2Is the tax accountant considered among the employees of the company?

Yes, the accountant is also considered among the employees of the company and her or his salary and taxes are registered in the tax office.

3 Is the nationality of the accountant important in Georgia and must he or she be Georgian?

No, there is no such law, but in order to do business, one must master the tax system and the Georgian language, and also have an official accounting certificate.