Georgia is a mountainous country located in the Caucasus region, part of which is located in Europe and another part in Asia. The culture of Georgian people is very diverse and attractive, and for this reason, it is one of the reasons for attracting tourists to Georgia. In fact, the geographical location of this country has made the modern European culture mixed with the beautiful eastern culture and made the culture of the Georgian people the best possible. Therefore, we can safely say that Georgian culture is one of the richest and most beloved cultures in the world. Stay with us to discuss more about this issue.

The culture of Georgian people

The culture of the Georgian people is unique to the Georgian people, whose main element is the Caucasian culture. This country is made up of different ethnic groups such as Georgian, Russian, Ossetian, Azeri and Abkhazian. Georgia has the largest ethnic group, the majority of which speak one of the original Caucasian languages, Georgian. Georgia’s religion was one of the first countries to adopt Christianity as its official religion due to its historical history. In the following, we will explain more about the details of the culture of Georgian people:

Traditional Georgian dance

The series of folkloric dances is very common among Georgian people and has been passed down from generation to generation since ancient times. This dance is such that its beauty can only be displayed by a Georgian person, and if it is performed by people of other nationalities, it will look very artificial and mechanical. Georgian folkloric dance is very breathtaking and has a very high glory. This dance actually represents the centuries-old history of Georgian art, culture and customs. In Georgian dance, you can easily see the diversity and difference of each region. Among the types of Georgian dances, we can mention Khuvsoruli, Metivroli, Acharoli, etc. The clothes of the people are also different in each type of dance and are suitable for the respective region.

Etiquette of Georgian people

One of the common features among Georgian people is their hospitality. According to the opinion of Georgian people, guests are actually a kind of blessing and for this reason they treat tourists and travelers of their country very nicely. If you intend to immigrate to Georgia and want to live in this country, you need to know how to meet and greet. In Georgia, when people meet each other for the first time, they shake hands at the same time as greeting. In warmer relationships, a kiss on the cheek is another thing that is popular when people meet. In Georgia, old people are highly valued and respected. In fact, it can be said that elderly people have a special position in Georgia. For example, in most families, financial and important decisions are the responsibility of the elderly. Also, when introducing people present in a group, it is necessary to start with the older person.

Gift giving customs in Georgia

If you decide to give someone a gift in Georgia, you don’t need to look for expensive items. If you are invited to a Georgian person’s house for the first time, you can give flowers or chocolates to the host. Just remember that if you buy flowers, the number of branches must be odd, because in Georgian culture, even number of flowers are used in funerals.

Food culture of Georgian people

Due to the geographical location of Georgia and its location on the shores of the Black Sea, the eating habits of the Georgian people are a combination of the culture of the South Caucasus, the Black Sea coast, and Asia. The variety of food in this country is high, but there are differences in each region. If you travel to Georgia, you can taste and enjoy local and even international flavors according to your mood and taste.

Marriage culture in Georgia

Marriage in Georgia is done in the simplest possible way. In fact, Georgian couples are satisfied with only a simple religious ceremony to start their life together, and they do not like big celebrations and luxurious ceremonies. It is interesting to know that the number of divorces in Georgia has doubled compared to 10 years ago, but couples do not think about separation at all at the beginning of their life together. Maybe that’s the reason why they don’t seek marriage registration or get a marriage certificate! It seems that having a marriage certificate is not very important for Georgian people. Georgian husband and wife can start their life together as soon as they get married.

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